The Santa Paula Hospital Clinic Staff prides itself on delivering personalized health care and consider their patients to be family.

Medical Administrative Assistants

Responsible for patient check-in, appointment scheduling, the handling of electronic health records, and billing.

Mark, Kayla, Chely, Nancy, Maura, Marycruz, Stephanie & Patty

The clinic’s staff fosters positivity and is determined to go above and beyond the industry standard of health care.

Sandra, Adriana, Yadi, Andrea, & Leslie





Elena & Jessica

Noemi & Sally

Medical Records


Licensed Vocational Nurses

Responsible for assisting the health care provider when a procedure is outside of the scope of routine scope of practice for the Clinical Medical Assistants. LVN’s are also responsible for streamlining patient questions and concerns to facilitate rapid patient care.

Ruby, Catalina, Sue, Nancy, Maddie, Sandra & Nicole

Marcos, Doris, Elsa, Alma, Monica, Maria, Stephanie, Rosemary, Daysi, Daisy, Lulu, Silvia, Cindy

Clinical Medical Assistants

Responsible for preparing each patient to see their health care provider. Duties include taking vital signs, weight, height, and order tests as ordered by the health care provider.

Comprehensive Perinatal Services Workers


Alma, Gabby, Daisy

Adelina, Delia, Michelle & Mari

Registered Nurses

Responsible for the over-seeing of day to day clinic operations to include clinical and administrative roles as well as case management.

Quality Healthcare for Everyone